A New Order

How do I pick my STELLAR Limitless Foundation & Limitless Concealer?

STELLAR is revolutionary because it addresses the nuances in different skin tones. It does not classify people in the traditional way of light, medium and dark. The reality of different skin colors is that there are very small degrees of change from person to person within a range of skin colors. These slight differences are due to undertones in the skin, not being lighter or darker.

STELLAR Limitless Foundation and Limitless Concealer are offered according to undertones, not the traditional warm and cool, or light, medium and dark. For example, Limitless Foundation in S01, S02, S03 and S04 is not meant to be: S01 very fair, S02 fair, S03 medium fair, and S04 medium. Instead, they are all in the same fair color family.

Disrupting the traditional way of creating and choosing foundation and concealer.

BUT, S01 is very fair with yellow undertones, and S02 is very fair with pink undertones. S03 is fair with beige undertones and S04 is fair with yellow undertones.

STELLAR Limitless Foundations gradually go from light to medium to deep skin tone shades. The calibration is gradual because many undertones are offered in the same color family.

When looking for a foundation, use your Sephora Color IQ as a start. Then look 1 or 2 shades to the left and 1 or 2 shades to the right. They will all be in a similar color family, but their undertones will be different. You can then pick the shade that is the closest to your undertone.

If you need a darker shade, go a few shades to the right and look for the right undertone in that area. If you need a lighter shade, go a few shades to the left and look for the right undertone in that area.

If you don’t know your Color IQ, you can work backwards on Sephora’s site, by entering the brand and shade you currently wear. This will also bring you to the correct starting point in STELLAR Limitless Foundations 22 shades.

With the STELLAR Limitless Concealer, S02 is not darker than S01. Both shades are for fair complexions. S01 is for fair skin with a yellow undertone, S02 is for fair skin with a pink undertone. S03 is light/medium with a yellow undertone and S04 is medium with a peach undertone. Lastly, S05 is medium/deep with an olive undertone and S06 is deep with a peach/red undertone.