Club life, makeup, music.

Music is part of STELLAR’s brand DNA. Our founder, Monika Deol, was once a Club DJ, singer in a band, and a Host/VJ on MuchMusic – Canada’s MTV. She hosted 5 shows, but the most popular one was Electric Circus, which Monika hosted and co-produced. It was a 90 minute live-to-air dance party that played music for the entire show and featured guests from various backgrounds, ages and ethnicities. It was an energetic hour of great music, performers and dancers!

Music is part of STELLAR’s brand DNA.

Music has played a big part in Monika’s life. She believes getting your game face on – whether it’s to hit the club, go to a meeting, to school or out for dinner – needs a soundtrack!

Monika has compiled a playlist on Spotify with some of her favorite music from all genres, to share with everyone who is on the STELLAR journey!

This playlist will be changed up regularly, so make sure you check back.

Love our makeup, enjoy the music, celebrate life! Be STELLAR!