Why Pay Attention to Medium Skin Tones??

STELLAR delivers to all skin tones, yet over delivers to the medium range.

We offer Limitless Foundation shades across a spectrum of complexions, and are planning a shade extension in concealers.
Infinite Lipsticks, Metallic Moon Lipsticks, Cosmic Blushes, Cosmic Face Powders are focussed on everyone!

A question we get asked often is:

“Why did STELLAR’s launch pay special attention to medium skin tones?”

I always thought that skin tones in the middle range didn’t have enough choices in the beauty world. Having an extensive career in Canadian television meant using a lot of cosmetics. When make-up artists couldn’t match my complexion, I got foundation and powder custom-blended. Great, but expensive.

Recently, I decided to do my own research. I chose Sephora, being a VIB Rouge, and I charted every shade, of every brand of foundation that Sephora sells. I put all the data up on a master Pantone Skin Tone chart.

The results were predictable in the light skin tones. Very saturated on the graph, with every square checked off, most with multiple offerings. Some shades had between 18-30 foundation choices!

In the deepest tones, I was surprised at how much was going on. The market there is being paid attention to. Not perfectly, but certainly gaining ground. I give the supermodel Iman credit for developing the industry’s interest in this demographic with her brand beginning 25 years ago.

When I looked at the middle of my master Pantone Skin Tone chart, the truth was right there in front of my eyes! There were far fewer squares checked off, and even less with multiple offerings. I realized I wasn’t imagining a lack of choices for medium skin tones. The picture was very clear!

There are a lot of great brands trying to fill the medium range, but obviously, not enough.

Taking it one step further, I erased all the foundations that cost $50. and over. The visible gap literally grew wider. That was my AHA! moment.

A top research firm was enlisted to look at the whole market in North America, and it came to the same conclusion. My obsession with make-up became a mission, and STELLAR became a reality. I felt it was time for someone who is medium skin toned to address the gap in the market and create a line that is informed by experience. It was time to do a deep dive into undertones, which is the best way to match all the subtle differences in skin colors.

This is why STELLAR launched with Limitless Foundations paying attention to medium skin tones.
Medium skin tone complexions include people of Indian, Latin, Hispanic, Filipino, Hawaiian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Afro-American heritage, among others. That’s 2/3rd’s of the world’s population and the fastest growing demographic in North America.

There is a need, and an underserved market. The time is now.