Universal Colors.
Revolutionary Beauty.

Monika Deol

Emerging economically and culturally, the STELLAR woman owns her life and her look, unapologetically. Her time in beauty is now.

STELLAR was created by Indian-born, Canadian-raised Monika Deol. Monika spent 25 years in front of the camera as a successful television host, actress and model. Thousands of hours spent in the makeup chair had her asking “Why isn’t there better makeup for medium skin tones?”

Monika knows first-hand the frustrations with makeup felt by those with Hispanic, Latino, African-American, Aboriginal, South East Asian, Filipino, Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean, West and East Indian complexions. “I have experience with concealers that don’t conceal our dark circles, foundations that have to be mixed to match, and powders that are too ashy. I don’t need a focus group. I get this market because I am this market!”

STELLAR is a revolutionary, high-performance line of makeup that Monika believed was missing for too long. With addictive colors and sensual textures, STELLAR delivers to all skin tones while paying serious attention to medium skin tones.