Limitless Concealer


STELLAR Limitless Concealer is a lightweight, buildable, creamy concealer that expertly covers dark circles and lines while brightening the eye contour, providing ultimate under eye radiance. It reduces the appearance of discoloration for more even uniform skin and creates a softer, smoother and seamless surface. This highly-pigmented, lightweight formula blends effortlessly.

The Limitless Concealer is presented according to undertones, not degrees of light to dark as STELLAR believes in addressing the nuances in different skin tones and not in the traditional way of classifying people as light, medium and dark.

This means that S02 is not darker than S01. While both shades are for fair complexions:

  • S01 is for fair skin with a yellow undertone
  • S02 is for fair skin with a pink undertone


  • S03 is light/medium with a yellow undertone
  • S04 is medium with a peach undertone
  • S05 is medium/deep with a strong yellow/peach undertone
  • S06 is deep with a yellow undertone.
  • D01 is deep with red undertone correction
  • D02 is olive undertone correction
  • 0.20 fl.oz/6.0ml


  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free

Formulated without:

  • Sulfates
  • Phthalates
  • Parabens
  • Fragrance
  • Oil


To select your shade, use the Sephora Color IQ and look 2 shades to the left and 2 shades to the right. They will be in a similar color family but will have different undertones. Choose the shade that is closest to your undertone

Using your little finger or favorite blending tool, pat product wherever you need a touch of radiance. Allow product to set and follow with Stellar Cosmic Powder for a flawless finish. Apply additional product as needed throughout the day. You will always be left with a bright, luminous finish.

Key Claims

  • 100% liked the texture (both look and feel)
  • 100% liked the coverage
  • 100% loved the ease of application
: D02 (deep with red)
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