Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I purchase your products?

    STELLAR products are sold worldwide exclusively at and (Please check their guidelines for international shipping.)

    STELLAR is also available across North America in Sephora stores in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Toronto, Washington, DC, Boston, San Francisco, Honolulu, Vancouver and San Juan. (Please see Sephora locations on the homepage).

  • How do I choose the right foundation and concealer color?

    STELLAR is Universal Colors. Revolutionary Beauty.

    Instead of the traditional light/medium/dark and warm/cool spectrum, STELLAR offers many shades in the same color family with different nuances in undertones. There are small degrees of change in complexion from person-to-person with a similar skin color. Those slight differences are due to skin undertones. STELLAR Limitless Foundation and Limitless Concealer have been formulated based on real life skin colors that address these undertones. This is a revolutionary way to nail your color for a seamless, natural and radiant finish.

    The S in Limitless Foundation and Limitless Concealer shades, simply refer to STELLAR. Limitless Foundation S01 is very fair with yellow undertones, S02 is very fair with pink undertones, S03 is fair with olive undertones and S04 is fair with yellow undertones. They are in the same color family and do not range from very fair to medium.

    Limitless Concealer S01 is not our lightest shade. S01 and S02 are both meant for fair skin. S01 has a yellow undertone. S02 has a pink undertone. They are both equally appropriate for fair skin tones, depending upon the undertone.

    Finding your perfect shade?

    • For limitless Foundation, use Sephora Color IQ and look 2 shades to the left and 2 shades to the right. They will be in the same color family, not darker and lighter, but they will have different undertones. Choose the shade that is closest to your undertone.
    • If you do not know your Color IQ, go to and use the option of inputting your current brand and shade to find your Color IQ. 

    With Limitless Concealer, remember S01 and S02 are both for fair skin with different undertones. S03 and S04 are both for medium skin tones with S03 being a yellow undertone and S04 being peachy. S05 and S06 are for deeper skin tones or darker under-eye circles.  S05 is more peach and S06 is more red in undertone.

  • I have oily skin, is STELLAR Limitless Foundation oil free?

    STELLAR Limitless Foundations are vegan and cruelty-free. They are formulated without mineral oil, so they are suitable for oily skin. They are also free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens and fragrance.

  • I have medium skin tone, my lips are pigmented. What shade of neutral lipstick would you recommend?

    STELLAR Infinite Lipsticks and Metallic Moon Lipsticks are highly pigmented and meant to stay true to color on everyone.  The shades are carefully curated to complement every skin color and literally pop on every complexion, so any Dark Matter neutral is the right choice!

  • Can your loose powders be used for baking?

    Our STELLAR Cosmic Face Powders in Glow 01, 02, and 03 are ideal for finishing or baking. They are extremely finely milled and won’t settle in fine lines. You can build them in a desired area, and use your favorite beauty tool, whether it’s a beauty blender or brush, to buff them out to sheer perfection.

    STELLAR Cosmic Face Powder in Haze is a universal setting powder that should be everyone’s last step in make-up. It’s a blurring, perfecting powder that completely disappears and yet, creates a filter-like effect on your skin. Buff it out all over your face and neck for flawless perfection. Like your very own personal Insta-Snap filter! Just take that selfie and post it!